Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Video and Writing Process

While creating and editing my video for CEP 882, I realized that editing a movie is very similar to editing a paper. Just as it is important to have a good lead sentence at the beginning of a paper to draw the reader in, it is equally important to have a good lead scene in a movie to capture the interest of the viewer. All of the combined scenes in a movie are like the supporting details in a paragraph, that tell a story when combined. When reading a story or a paper, descriptive details enable the reader to picture a certain image in their heads. As a movie director and editor create a film, they also have to show through color, action, and camera angles all of the details that help the viewer to capture the feeling of the movie. At the end of a paper there is a conclusion sentence and similarly there is a concluding scene in a movie that pulls everything together. With these thoughts in mind, I believe that teaching students to write, produce, and edit video is a great way to help students work through the writing process. The element of creating a video is of course a huge motivating factor as well.

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