Sunday, February 14, 2010

Video in My Classroom

For March is Reading Month, I want to teach my students how to create movies to display either a story or poetry using Windows Movie Maker.  I have decided to have my fourth graders create informational texts about various animals.  They will use: to gather photos to place into the digital story.  Students will gather information to record behind their photos.  I am planning to have the fifth graders choose a poem to recite.  They will collect photos to place into Windows Movie Maker that go with the topic of their poem. 


This year our school district created an “ITV” room in each of our five elementary schools.  This room enables us to make live video connections to any of the elementary schools.  When my students finish their digital stories, I would like to use the ITV room to connect to another school so that students can present their work to peers across the district.

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