Thursday, February 25, 2010

Connection to GLCEs

The following fourth Grade Level Content Expectations, taken from the Michigan Department of Education, illustrate that students are required to write an informational comparative piece, be able to connect personal knowledge, experiences, and understanding, and explain relationships by categorizing, classifying, and comparing.

W.GN.04.03 write an informational comparative piece that demonstrates
understanding of central and supporting ideas using an effective organizational
pattern (e.g., compare/contrast) and informational text features.

R.CM.04.01 connect personal knowledge, experiences, and understanding of the world to themes and perspectives in text through oral and written responses.

R.CM.04.03 explain relationships among themes, ideas, and characters within and across texts to create a deeper understanding by categorizing and classifying, comparing and contrasting, or drawing parallels across time and culture.

Students could demonstrate their understanding of these GLCEs through taking part in an assignment similar to the Module 3 assignment, “A Tale of Two Retail Spaces,” in which our class analyzed the interior design elements of two similar retail spaces. I think students would benefit from this assignment because they could relate their learning experience to a real world situation. Students could be given an option for how to present their findings either through a written report, PowerPoint, or movie.

Below is an example video I created analyzing the interior design of two craft stores:

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