Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Connecting Film and TV to Education

Just as a teacher might have a student analyze a piece of literature, I think that analyzing a film or television show could also be a compelling educational experience for a student. After reading a number of articles about analyzing and understanding film, I already today was looking at various commercials and tv shows in a different way. It caused me to think more deeply about the story that was being told or what techniques went into telling the story. The important piece for education is that understanding the design of tv and film will cause students to think more analytically and critically. Possibly looking at the world in a different way will develop more creativity as well.
I do think that creating video is a great way for students to tell and write their own stories in the elementary classroom. This year in March I am planning to have each grade focus on a different type of genre and create digital stories to publish their work. I think that the digital publishing portion also helps with motivating students who otherwise might not be interested in writing.
However, because I teach elementary school I am wondering what movie clips would work well for younger students to analyze.

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