Thursday, March 25, 2010

Music is like a Lesson Plan

I would like to make a comparison between a teacher’s lesson plan and music. At the beginning of a good song, the composer uses something called a hook. The hook of the song is a short portion of the song that is used to catch the listener’s ear. Similarly when teacher’s plan a good lesson it is necessary to have a good introduction, which is the part of the lesson that grabs the students’ attention and compels them to want to learn or take part in the lesson. This portion of both a song and a lesson is critical. If the hook is not compelling we turn the radio off. If the introduction to a lesson is boring or not present, then students will tune out.

As a song continues and develops many times different instruments, rhythms, and patterns are added to the song to make it interesting. However there is repetition throughout to make the song flow continuously. In a lesson plan the teacher must also use different techniques to keep the students’ interest. Just as different instruments play at different moments in a song, the teacher might at times integrate a hands on activity into the lesson, a small group exercise, or a kinesthetic activity. The variation keeps the students’ interest. The repetition of material also helps the students become comfortable with the material presented in the lesson. The repetition of a rhythm in a song makes the listener comfortable with the music.

At the end of a song there is a concluding piece. Sometimes this portion of the music repeates the hook of the song. At times the song might end with the singer holding a high note. Likewise at the end of a good lesson the teacher provides a conclusion to the lesson, summarizing the information taught.

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