Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aesthetic Elements in the Educational Setting

Now I am perplexed in thinking about in what ways can schools effectively provide experiences that evoke emotions, feelings, and cause the students to connect with the subject matter on a different level? I do believe that if a teacher is truly interested and compelled by the subject matter that they teach, then they will be able to create more lessons with aesthetic connections.
In the article “Learning and Teaching the Ways of Knowing,” it states, “Are students aware of the aesthetic aspects of mathematic, and if not, what can we do about it?” There are a number of thoughts that come to my mind about how to integrate the arts in to math at the elementary level. Photography could be used to teach students about various mathematical concepts such as shapes, lines, symmetry, congruence, and patterns. Students could either take photos of these concepts or analyze photos taken by others. Students could create films to explain their understanding about various methods in which one math problem was solved. Many times students are encouraged to draw a picture to solve a problem, but what if they went a step further and created something from their drawing such as a poster or a video?

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